Re-seller Account
Feel free to send SMS by your hands The best option is to get you that you can send SMS by your hands on the go. Just register to our service and you will get a user name and password. Is that simple ! Freedom to send sms any time you want. Import your bulk contacts in a excel sheet or a notepad and select the quantity, there you go.

One of the most price effective ways to market and advertise is using Bulk SMS. Not only does it helps in acquiring new customers but also is great in looking for new prospects and also undertake a lot of services for your customers. Sms2Bahrain is delivering high quality SMS Services for more than 4 years now, always providing reliable routes at best prices. We deliver your SMS messages fast and we always use the best performing gateways.

Another service that you may need is the Mobile Number Lookup (HLR Lookup) which helps clear your database from all the inactive and long-time deactivated mobile numbers. We know you are always trying to find new paths for your business, therefore we offer a wide range of SMS related services. Either it is 2-way SMS messaging, HLR Lookup, or other SMS solutions, rest assured we can cover any solicitation you may have. In order to convince you about our high quality services, we invite you to test our services by asking for a demo account.